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Automotive, Chemistry, Consumer goods, Renewables and Environment, Transport and Logistics
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Engels, Nederlands

Over Aalberts

Big visions are built from many parts. Essential parts that accelerate change and keep things going. Technologies that work, and work together. Seamlessly and perpetually.

Aalberts is a technology company with some 150 locations in more than 30 different countries. Approximately 25 people work at the Dutch head office in the Utrecht region, while the worldwide group consists of around 16,000 people. This results in a high degree of autonomy among the various technology clusters.

We engineer mission-critical technologies for ground-breaking industries and everyday life. From particle and vibration-free chip-making equipment to better performing cars, from efficient production and manufacturing environments to eco-friendly buildings, from light and long-lasting high-tech materials to perfectly drafted beverages, we are where technology matters and real progress can be made. Humanly, environmentally and financially.

Your career opportunity within Aalberts:

At Aalberts we are obsessed with technology. We know that major technological breakthroughs consist of many -often smaller- parts. Critical parts that work together.

That is why we are always looking for people who have the same passion for technology, who want to successfully work together on new technological breakthroughs and who only stop when there is nothing left to learn.

Do you want to grow with us? Are you looking for an interesting job, internship, graduation project of traineeship in one of the most technical and challenging companies? Check out the vacancies at people & culture | Aalberts - mission critical technologies