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Oil and Energy
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Engels, Nederlands


VTTI is the world’s fastest growing energy storage provider. Always flexible. Always looking for better and new ways to store and distribute energy. Safely and sustainably. Always looking for new opportunities for our customers.

What gives us energy? The entrepreneurial way of working. The ability to make quick decisions. Being able to think with our clients, working proactively to help save them time and money. Wherever they are in the world.

Career prospect at VTTI

We like structure where it’s important. Our safety systems, for example, are built on strict processes. But in careers, structure can stop you showing what you can do. So we don’t have rigid job descriptions that limit your potential. If you think you can contribute in a different area, we’ll listen. There is no defined ladder, either. We work and succeed together, and promote good people regardless of age or time with the company. Qualifications tell us something about you: your ability to learn, to process information, and simply your determination to excel. However, next to qualifications, we’re looking for qualities that are simply part of your personality, lateral thinking, creativity & entrepreneurial skills are assets we prize at VTTI.

For more information, visit www.vtti.com