Since 1867 Gezelschap Leeghwater has been the study association for all Mechanical Engineering students in Delft. Gezelschap Leeghwater is the oldest study association of the Netherlands. With over 3700 members it is also one of the biggest and most prolific study association in Delft.

Addition to the curriculum

The association has four important goals. The first is to provide an addition to the regular curriculum in order to broaden the scope of our members. This is done by organising for instance excursions, cases, lunch lectures, the biggest career fair of Holland and a design contest for first year students.

Defending the interests of our students

The second big goal of Gezelschap Leeghwater is to defend the interests of our students. 2 board members focus on education every day of the week. They represent the students in meetings with important faculty members and teachers.


Cooperation with other associations to defend the interests of our members is the third big goal of Gezelschap Leeghwater. This is done by meeting regularly with all the other study associations within Delft and outside of Delft. We also maintain good realtions with other parties such as the student council, student associations in Delft and the students trade union.


The final big goal of Gezelschap Leeghwater is to facilitate bonding between our members. Cooperation is always easier if you know your fellow students. Gezelschap Leeghwater organises multiple activities at which our members can meet each other and have fun. Examples are the annual ski-trip, car rallies and the introductory weekend for first-year students.

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