Members of Honor

The Honorary members of Gezelschap Leeghwater have invested time and effort in Gezelschap Leeghwater and have proved themselves in the wonderful world of Mechanical Engineering and in the business sector. The Board and Honorary members meet annually to for a dinner, lunch and at the anniversary of the association. The Honorary members are informed about the ongoing business of our organisation and help the association by sharing their ideas and advise about her future. During the dinner of the 142nd board the honorary chairmanship was handed over to professor Rijsenbrij by professor Bikker. Professor Rijsenbrij maintains close contact with the board and thus contributes a lot to our association.

Below is a photo of the dinner for Honorary members with the 154th board which took place on April 12th 2022 in the library of D.S.S. Phoenix.

l.t.r. rop row: sabine van Epen, Peter Klapwijk, Sep Ursone, Essan Boston-Mammah, Niels de Boer
l.t.r. middle row: Ir. J. Roodenburg, Ir. H. Morelisse, J. Hellendoorn, Maartje Janszen
l.t.r. lower row: P.A. Wieringa, J.C. Rijsenbrij, H.P. van Beek, Prof.dr. J. Dankelman, Mees Bartels

Honorary Chairman

  • J.C. Rijsenbrij

Honorary Members

  • Ir. J.G. van Wijk
  • L.N. Reijers
  • H.F. van Beek
  • H.P. van Heel
  • Prof. ir. H. Bikker
  • A.W. Veenman
  • W.J. Vlasblom
  • Ir. B.M. van Ee
  • Ir.drs. J. van der Veer
  • P.A. Wieringa
  • Prof.dr. R. Babuska
  • Ir. W. Draijer
  • Ir. J. Roodenburg
  • J. Hellendoorn
  • Ir. H. Morellisse
  • Prof.dr. J. Dankelman