Members of Merit

Gezelschap Leeghwater cannot exist without the TU Delft and the faculty of 3mE.  The people that mean a lot for Gezelschap Leeghwater are the Members of Merit. A Member of Merit has earned this appreciation by helping with education, other activities in het faculty or has showed that he/she is involved with the activities of Gezelschap Leeghwater. Every year we organize a special activity for the Members of Merit to thank them for all their help.

l.t.r. top row: Bart van Eeden, Dr. Ir. W.L.T. Thijs, Ir. R. Visser, Tobias Stinenbosch, Daan Ratering
l.t.r. lower row: Dhr. E. van Luik, Dr. ir. P.Th.L.M. van Woerkom, Dhr. W.S. Sneekes, Raoul Dinaux, Bart Ovaa

Members of Merit

  • Ing. J.D. Broekens
  • Ir. S.J. Dijkstra
  • Dhr. E.P. van Luik
  • S.A. Miedema
  • Ing. G. Pasman
  • Ing. J.E. Seiffers
  • Dr. ir. W.L.T. Thijs
  • Dhr. R. Visser
  • Drs. E. Vixseboxe
  • Dr. ir. P.T.L.M. van Woerkom
  • Mevr. W.W.F. Inggamer
  • Dhr. W.S. Sneekes
  • Mevr. B. de Bruin
  • Mevr. S. Gijsberts