Meet us

Each year Gezelschap Leeghwater is led by a group of ambitious and enthusiastic Mechanical Engineers that form the board. We will introduce the board of 2022-2023 below. The whole year we are here to help you with all your questions regarding the education. Additionally, the study association aims to broaden and deepen the knowledge of the Mechanical Engineering students and prepare them for their future career by organising a variety of activities. If you have any good ideas or suggestions please let us know! Our doors are always open!

The 155st Board

l.t.r. Anniek van der Veen, Kate Makkink, Rutger Hering, David Wolfrat, Guus de Bakker, Sarah Visser, Yesica van Binsbergen, Britte Leenards.

  • Guus de Bakker


    Hi everybody! My name is Mees Bartels and this year I have the honorable task of leading the most beautiful, oldest and best study association in the Netherlands. Starting up again after corona will be a big challenge. Together with my board, I will do everything I can to make this run as smoothly as possible, so that we can organize great events for you again. I come from the small but nice town called Bergen where I soon found my passion for technology. When I got a bit older I found out that Mechanical Engineering was the study for me. After a visit to Eindhoven and Delft, the choice was quickly made: Delft was the city where I wanted to study. Currently I am in my fourth year here in Delft. In my first year I quickly discovered that Leeghwater could offer me a lot: experiencing the entire labor market up close, broadening myself even further within the study and developing a lot of soft skills are all things that drew me to Leeghwater. But the most important thing was the fun. Leeghwater is a very open association, everyone is welcome and has lots of fun together. Both during all activities and beyond.
    In my first year at Leeghwater I was part of the Blauwdruk committee, the festival of Leeghwater. Then I did BIT. The cool thing about BIT is that you are involved a lot with other study associations within Delft, because you help organize De Delftse Bedrijvendagen; the largest technical carrier fair in the Netherlands. I have also been working on the Almanac. The nice thing about this is that you are very involved in the association, because you have to record the whole year in a fun and catchy way. Come to the Dies week in December and pick one up!
    This year I will commit myself full-time to you, the students. I will not only keep the overview within the association, but I will also guide various committees to organize great events for you. You can always contact me with questions or if you just want to chat!

  • David Wolfrat


    Hello everyone! My name is David Wolfrat and I will be the Secretary of Gezelschap Leeghwater this year. I was born in Hilversum. In 2018 I ended up here in Delft to study Mechanical Engineering.
    I soon started doing committee work at Gezelschap Leeghwater. I started with the Excursion Committee The following years I was part of the Almanak committee and the NuCo. This year I will completely put my studies aside and give everything for a year for this wonderful association.
    As Secretary I am the first contact person for all members of Gezelschap Leeghwater. In addition, I will be responsible for the website and managing the archive. This year I will also protect the elephant of Leeghwater with my life. In addition to all these board tasks, I will be supervising three committees this year, namely: the Grand Tour Committee, Alumni Platform Mechanical Engineering Delft and the Course and Education Committee.
    If you have any questions about something you can always contact me at our office!

  • Sarah Visser


    Hey, I'm Sarah and this year I am honoured to be given the task to keep the money matters of our beautiful association in order. Even before I started my studies, I was very enthousiastic about technology. My father is a plumber and from an early age I have helped him with projects in our home. When I eventually had to make a choice for my studies, practical projects were therefore an important point. Based on these requirements, I eventually ended up at Mechanical Engineering. From the 4th grade in high school I knew for sure that I would go to Delft and study Mechanical Engineering.

    From the beginning of my student days I have been very hyped about our association and I have done a lot of committees. In my first year I started with the IvooCo. Every Wednesday behind the bar in ‘t Lagerhuysch and organizing Olifantenborrels and Slagtandfeesten. After that I immediately switched to the ViT and I made a beautiful calendar. Furthermore, I was able to organize two of Leeghwater’s most beautiful events: the freshmen weekend and the ski trip. I really love bringing people together and these events are perfect for that.

    This year I will do my best to set up as many beautiful events as possible for our dear members. Together with my fellow board members and the committees that I am allowed to QQ (the Rally Committee and the Lustrumreis Committee). I think this will be very successful in our lustrum year!

    I would love to see you at our office for a nice cup of coffee or to have some work evasive conversations.

  • Rutger Hering

    Commissioner of Bachelor Education

    Hello! My name is Rutger Hering and I am going to dedicate myself to all Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering this year. I look forward to helping everyone and will be fully committed to this. This year, education has started as usual with physical lectures and project group meetings. I am from Amsterdam and grew up here with my 4 brothers. I always knew that I wanted to do a technical study and quickly decided that this would be Mechanical Engineering at TU Delft. I did decide that I didn't want to go to college immediately after high school, so I took a gap year. I started working in my gap year and ended up going on a cycling holiday. During this cycling holiday I went to Norway and then climbed many mountains in Norway. I also really enjoyed the freedom and the beautiful nature during the ride to Norway and especially in the country itself. When I started with Mechanical Engineering, I didn't know anyone who would go to Delft, so I decided to participate in the OWEE and the EJW. Here I ended up in a very nice OWEE group and got to know a lot of nice people during the EJW, including my mentors. Because of these mentors I started doing a committee at Gezelschap Leeghwater and I also ended up at a rowing club. My first committee was the IvooCo or the tap committee in 't Lagerhuysch. This is also where I got to know my co-drivers Britte and Sarah. After the IvooCo I did the Dies and the LoCo. In my 3rd year I started with t' Lagerhuysch management and also the NuCo at the same time. From all the commissions and management I've done over the years, I've learned a lot and had some great times. I am very much looking forward to working for the students and also helping everyone with their problems. I am always open to feedback and of course also to your questions!

  • Yesica van Binsbergen

    Commissioner of Master Education

    Hi everyone! My name is Maartje Janszen, I was born in Amsterdam and grew up in Heemstede. This year I will form together with Essan the education-pair and I will be responsible for the master education. Besides being the commissioner of education, I will be on the faculty student council as commissioner of facilities. (Hopefully) recovering from Corona I will create a chillspace at the Leeghwater Office so u can play a game of foosball (with Leeghwater-rules ofcourse) or drink a cup of coffee. In my first study year I joined Leeghwater and was part of the Firstyears Starters Committee. Later that year I joined the Excursion Committee and the Rally Committee. This year it will be my task to be the Qualitate Qua of the Stunt&Sport Committee, Dies Committee, Gala Committee, Business Tour Committee and the Almanac Editors. If you have any questions or just want to chat, swing by at our office!

  • Kate Makkink

    Commissioner of Career and Promotion

    Hi everyone! My name is Kate and I grew up in Haarlem. In my first year I immediately started with a committee at Leeghwater, with the Ivooco the bar committee! Halfway through the year I thought I could add another committee, which is how I joined the ViT. Now as a 5th year student I have done a total of 5 committees, namely the LoCo, Rally and APWD. And this year, as Commissioner Career and Promotion I will now focus on the promo of Leeghwater, to make this an unforgettable lustrum year, so keep an eye on the insta! In addition to these tasks, I will also QQ the ViT, Blauwdruk and MediaCo. This is not all, in addition to Gezelschap Leeghwater activities, I will also be busy organizing De Delfte Bedrijvendagen. As secretary I will be busy emailing everyone here. Come take a look and find a company where you want to work!.

    Please come by for a cup of coffee or tea! You’re most welcome at our office in the E-wing with the glass doors.

  • Britte Leenards

    Commissioner of External Relations

    Hi, I am Britte Leenards and this year I will be the Commissioner of External Affairs of Gezelschap Leeghwater. In 2019 I started my bachelor Mechanical Engineering. 
    Originally I am from Amsterdam, but I have known for a long time that I wanted to study in Delft. 
    Once I started with Mechanical Engineering, I almost immediately started in the IvooCo. After that, I took part in the Dies, Excursie and on top of that the NuCo, the organising committee of the freshmen weekend.
    This year I will coach the ME Experience Day, the company day focussed on mechanical engineering students and Gala committee, the organising committee of the gala of Gezelschap Leeghwater. I am very excited for this year and look forward to connect students to companies. 
    Also I will take part in the supervisory board of Delft Career Platform. Where you can find all your internships and jobs. If you ever want to talk or have a coffee, come join me at the Leeghwater office!

  • Anniek van der Veen

    Commissioner of Lustrum Affairs