Meet us

Each year Gezelschap Leeghwater is led by a group of ambitious and enthusiastic Mechanical Engineers that form the board. We will introduce the board of 2021-2022 below. The whole year we are here to help you with all your questions regarding the education. Additionally, the study association aims to broaden and deepen the knowledge of the Mechanical Engineering students and prepare them for their future career by organising a variety of activities. If you have any good ideas or suggestions please let us know! Our doors are always open!

The 153st Board

l.t.r. Jesse Niers, Finnegan Blom, Irene Hooijkaas, Suze van Santen, Rosanne Aartman, Jonathan van Zanten, Sander Schipper.

  • Mees Bartels


    Hi everybody! My name is Mees Bartels and this year I have the honorable task of leading the most beautiful, oldest and best study association in the Netherlands. Starting up again after corona will be a big challenge. Together with my board, I will do everything I can to make this run as smoothly as possible, so that we can organize great events for you again. I come from the small but nice town called Bergen where I soon found my passion for technology. When I got a bit older I found out that Mechanical Engineering was the study for me. After a visit to Eindhoven and Delft, the choice was quickly made: Delft was the city where I wanted to study. Currently I am in my fourth year here in Delft. In my first year I quickly discovered that Leeghwater could offer me a lot: experiencing the entire labor market up close, broadening myself even further within the study and developing a lot of soft skills are all things that drew me to Leeghwater. But the most important thing was the fun. Leeghwater is a very open association, everyone is welcome and has lots of fun together. Both during all activities and beyond.
    In my first year at Leeghwater I was part of the Blauwdruk committee, the festival of Leeghwater. Then I did BIT. The cool thing about BIT is that you are involved a lot with other study associations within Delft, because you help organize De Delftse Bedrijvendagen; the largest technical carrier fair in the Netherlands. I have also been working on the Almanac. The nice thing about this is that you are very involved in the association, because you have to record the whole year in a fun and catchy way. Come to the Dies week in December and pick one up!
    This year I will commit myself full-time to you, the students. I will not only keep the overview within the association, but I will also guide various committees to organize great events for you. You can always contact me with questions or if you just want to chat!

  • Niels de Boer


    Hi everyone. I’m Niels de Boer and I was born and raised in a small town named Twello. Being a huge car guy it was an easy guess that I was going to study Mechanical Engineering. I eventually chose Delft, for its character.  So, in 2018 I left my hometown to move to the other side of the country. I have been an active member of Gezelschap Leeghwater since my first year in Delft: I have organised two amazing Rally’s, put together a beautiful Almanac the year after, and last summer I organised the first year’s weekend. I am taking a gap year this academic year to fully commit to this fabulous association. As Secretary I am the first contact for Leeghwater. Besides that, I will be busy with the website, managing our archives, and you will often find me with an Elephant under my arm. I protect our Elephants against everyone who comes too close to them. Lastly, I will be the Qualitate Qua for the Women in Technology Committee (ViT), the Sponsor Run Committie (LoCo), and the Alumni Platform (APW Delft). You can always come by our office or call me for all your questions!

  • Peter Klapwijk


    Hello! My name is Peter and this year it's up to me to look after the finances of our association. Now that the Covid crisis is coming to an end, the opportunity to organise loads of fun activities and excursions arises. Early in my life it became apparent that my interests lie within the technical field, but for my field of study I was not quite sure what to choose. During my first year I knew I made the right choice by choosing Mechanical Engineering. Also that year I joined the Ivooco, the bar committee of Leeghwater. After that I joined the Firstyears Starters Committee, which allowed me to organise fun events and activities for the first years. The year thereafter I was part of the board of 't Lagerhuysch, the bar of the faculty of 3mE. In 2020 I managed to organise an alternate form of the first year's weekend in this crazy crisis. This year I will be the Qualitate Qua for two committees: The Excursion Committee and the Seminar and Education Committee.

  • Essan Boston-Mammah

    Commissioner of Bachelor Education

    Hello, my name is Essan Boston-Mammah and this year I have the pleasure to represent all the Bachelor students of Mechanical Engineering within the faculty. We have come from a long period of studying at home and now we’re finally moving to reopen the faculty. So this physical education will finally be a thing again.
    I come from the beautiful city of Rotterdam where I quite late in my life figured out that I wanted to do something technical. Only when I was seventeen I started to look around universities wondering what I would study and quickly found Mechanical Engineering.  This is because Mechanical Engineering shows many aspects of the technical field.
    In my first year, I came into contact with ‘Gezelschap Leeghwater.’ This was when I was installed as bar commission. Together with twenty other first years I could be seen on Wednesday evening behind the bar ‘t Lagerhuysch.’ This is where I learned to know the association and its people. After my first year, I was part of several other commissions. I organized the CampusRun with the LoCo. I was part of maintaining an online career platform called Delft Career Platform. Last year I was in a team that managed the mechanical engineering alumni platform.
    This year I shall try to represent all of you together and coach several commissions. If you have any questions, especially education-related ones come by the Leeghwater office. Or just for a casual cup of coffee.

  • Maartje Janszen

    Commissioner of Master Education

    Hi everyone! My name is Maartje Janszen, I was born in Amsterdam and grew up in Heemstede. This year I will form together with Essan the education-pair and I will be responsible for the master education. Besides being the commissioner of education, I will be on the faculty student council as commissioner of facilities. (Hopefully) recovering from Corona I will create a chillspace at the Leeghwater Office so u can play a game of foosball (with Leeghwater-rules ofcourse) or drink a cup of coffee. In my first study year I joined Leeghwater and was part of the Firstyears Starters Committee. Later that year I joined the Excursion Committee and the Rally Committee. This year it will be my task to be the Qualitate Qua of the Stunt&Sport Committee, Dies Committee, Gala Committee, Business Tour Committee and the Almanac Editors. If you have any questions or just want to chat, swing by at our office!

  • Sabine van Epen

    Commissioner of Career and Promotion

    Hi everyone, my name is Sabine and 22 years ago I was born in Leiden. First of all, congratulations with the best choice you could have ever made, studying mechanical engineering, you will not regret this. There may be hard moments on the way (or maybe there’ll be none for you, who knows) but Leeghwater is here to support you. Leeghwater is here for you to make sure you can develop outside of your studies. This is why I organize ‘De Delftse Bedrijvendagen’. Here you can take a look at which company you’d like to work later in life. Next to ‘De Delftse Bedrijvendagen’ I am responsible for all the publicity of Leeghwater. Working with my hands or designing are things I enjoy doing! Before joining the board I was in the ViT (women in technology committee) and the Lecture and Career Committee. This year I will QQ the Rally, the SchakelCie and the MediaCo. Please come by for a cup of coffee or tea! You’re most welcome at our office in the E-wing with the glass doors.

  • Sep Ursone

    Commissioner of External Relations

    Hi, I am Sep Ursone and this year I will be the Commissioner of External Affairs of Gezelschap Leeghwater. After a little detour I began at the best study there is, Mechanical Engineering. 
    Originally I am from Haarlem, but I have known for a long time that I wanted to study in Delft. Once in Delft my affinity with working on scooters. That’s why you will see me driving around Delft on my Tomos.
    Once I started with Mechanical Engineering, I almost immediately started in the Surf magazine editorial. After that, I took part in the NuCo, the organising committee of the freshmen weekend.
    This year I will coach the IvooCo, the bartender committee of ‘t Lagerhuysch and the Blauwdruk, the organising committee of the festival of Gezelschap Leeghwater. After the Corona pandemic, I am very enthusiastic to start the physical activities again. 
    Also I will take part in the supervisory board of Delft Career Platform. Where you can find all your internships and jobs. If you ever want to talk or have a coffee, come join me at the Leeghwater office!