Members of Merit

Gezelschap Leeghwater cannot exist without the TU Delft and the faculty of 3mE.  The people that mean a lot for Gezelschap Leeghwater are the Members of Merit. A Member of Merit has earned this appreciation by helping with education, other activities in het faculty or has showed that he/she is involved with the activities of Gezelschap Leeghwater. Every year we organize a special activity for the Members of Merit to thank them for all their help.

Pictured below the activity with the Members of Merit with the 155th Board. It took place on 26 February 2023 at the Louwman Museum in The Hague. 

Back row l.t.r. Ir.: S.A. Miedema, Dr. ir. W.L.T. Thijs, Dhr. W.S. Sneekes, Dhr. E.P. van Luik, Rutger Hering, Dhr. H.J.M. van Oosten

Middle row l.t.r. Ir.: David Wolfrat, Yesica van Binsbergen, Britte Leenards, Dhr. R. Visser, Dr. R. Delfos

Front row l.t.r. Ir.: Sarah Visser, Guus de Bakker


Members of Merit

  • Ing. J.D. Broekens
  • Ir. S.J. Dijkstra
  • Dhr. E.P. van Luik
  • S.A. Miedema
  • Ing. G. Pasman
  • Ing. J.E. Seiffers
  • Dr. ir. W.L.T. Thijs
  • Dhr. R. Visser
  • Drs. E. Vixseboxe
  • Dr. ir. P.T.L.M. van Woerkom
  • Mevr. W.W.F. Inggamer
  • Dhr. W.S. Sneekes
  • Mevr. B. de Bruin
  • Mevr. S. Gijsberts
  • Dhr. H.J.M. van Oosten
  • Dr. R. Delfos