Dragons' Den


Last year a new concept was introduced to stimulate committees to start innovative and sustainable initiatives: Gezelschap Leeghwater’s very own Dragons’ Den! Committees can file a request for financial compensation for innovating their activities and projects. This has led to some cool ideas with great outcomes.

The Business Tour Committee has provided her participants with ‘Bambooks’. These notebooks with a sustainable bamboo cover contain erasable sheets. After taking notes, you can save them with an application on your phone, after which they can be erased to be used again!

The Board of the Alumni Platform of Mechanical Engineering Delft has brought out a physical edition of their magazine, the ‘Trompetter’. They have chosen to use ‘elephant’s grass’ paper instead of regular paper, which is CO2-neutral.

The Rally Committee also filed a request. Since the Weekendrally could not take place as usual with an overnight stay with all participants, they organized an alternative activity during the weekend. All participants joined in a sports activity, at which they had to climb and jump over water in a polder.

The last request was from the committee organizing the Freshman Weekend. To make itfollow the guidelines for the coronavirus, they had to deviate from the regular programme. They have come up with a creative idea to make the weekend complete in an alternative way, but their solution will remain a secret for now.