Delft Career Platform

The Delft Career Platform, or DCP, is the career platform for all students form the TU Delft. Dozens of companies and hundreds of vacancies can be found on this website meaning that every student seeking an internship, graduation project, student jobs or real job can find an opportunity on the website. Are you still wondering which job suits you best? Apart from vacancies, Delft Career Platform also offers different career events like in-house days, workshops and so on.

So, are you looking for an challenge during your study? Are you done studying? Take a look at our website for all possibilities!


This year Sep Ursone takes place in the supervisory board of the Delft Career Platform and Ole Roef and Eleanore Cammeraat in the executing committees. If you wish to contact DCP you can contact them using the information below.

President Sep Ursone 015-2783060