't Lagerhuysch

The 30th Lagerhuysch Beheer oversees the faculty pub of 3mE: ‘t Lagerhuysch. You can recognise use by our red shirts that we wear in the bar where we organise several drinks a week and make sure every goes smoothly. The drinks are for Mechanical, Maritime and Medical Engineers, we always try to represent all these studies in the board of ‘t Lagerhuysch.

Each Wednesday at the end of the day you can come to the bar for a beer and a game of table football with your fellow students. We not only have normal beers, but rotating special offers as well in addition to soda, wine, ‘bitterballen’and spring rolls. Moreover, you can order pizza so you don’t have to go home for dinner!

In addition to the normal drinks we organise theme drinks, special-beerdrinks and change to a sports bar for major sport events. During the summer you can even enjoy everything on the terrace outside ‘t Lagerhuysch.

More information about ‘t Lagerhuysch can be found at www.lagerhuysch.nl. Are you interested in organising a drink or another event? Please contact the secretary at secretaris@lagerhuysch.nl.

See you at the bar!

The 30th Lagerhuysch Beheer