Second year

The books needed for your second year are given below. Please note that some books have already been used in the first year. The books are available at this page.

Choosing a Minor

In your secon you will need to choose a minor. There are several ways to get to know the different minors that are offered. An overview of all the minor offered at the TU Delft can be found at Moreover, there are multiple information days at each faculty. It is also an option to study abroad, but you have to preparing for this more than a year in advance, since the deadlines are around New Years Eve. For more information about studying abroad visit


Quarter 1

Ridgid Body Dynamics |

Advanced Dynamics
H. Vallery

Analyse 3 | WBMT2048

The following books for calculus are also free online.

Calculus 1
ISBN: 9781938168024

Calculus 2
ISBN: 9781938168062

Calculus 3
ISBN: 9781938168079

Quarter 2

Differentiaalvergelijkingen | WBMT2048

Elementary Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems, Global Edition, Wiley, 2017
Boyce, William E. DiPrima, Richard C.
ISBN: 9781119382874

Stromingsleer | WB2542

Fluid Mechanics 9th Edition: SI Units
Frank White
ISBN: 9781260575545

Warmteoverdracht | WB2542

Basic Heat and Mass Transfer, 3rd Edition
Coimbra, F.M. Carlos
ISBN: 9780996305303

Project Process Engineering & Thermodynamics | WB2543

Principles of Engineering Thermodynamics 7th edition
Michael J. Moran
ISBN13:  9781118960882

Quarter 3

Kansrekening & Statistiek | WBMT2049

A modern introduction to probability and statistics
Dekking, F.M. Kraaikamp, C. Meester, L.E. Lopuhaa, H.P.
ISBN: 9781852338961

Signaalanalyse | WB2235

Signals and Systems: Pearson New International Edition
Oppenheim, Alan V. Willsky, Alan S. Nawab, Hamid S.
ISBN: 9781292025902

Quarter 4

Numerieke Wiskunde | WBMT2049

Numerical Methods for Ordinary Differential Equations
C.Vuik, F.J. Vermolen, M.B. van Gijzen en M.J. Vuik.
ISBN: 9789065623737

Materiaalkunde | WBMT2330

Materials - Engineering, Science, Processing and Design, 3nd Edition
Michael Ashby, Hugh Shercliff, David Cebon
ISBN: 9780080977737

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