Study choice

Choosing a study is a difficult process, so to make a good choice we recommend you to look at all the possible options. There are a lot of questions that you need to answer. Do you, for example, meet the prerequisites? To make a good choice you can come to the Open Days the TU Delft organises. Here you can have a look at all the different programs that the TU Delft has to offer and compare them. After that there is the possibility the join a student for a day and experience what it is like being a student and following the classes of a specific program. If you are still not sure you can do a study try-out online in which you will follow a small study program to experience what the study entails.

Open Days

Are you interested in Mechanical Engineering and you want to know what the study entails? Then the Open Days are perfect! The Open Days are meant for students from 4, 5 and 6 VWO. It is recommended to have a look at the different programs, so you are well prepared. For the dates and registration you can go to

Join a student for a day

Have you visited an Open Day and do you want to know more about Mechanical Engineering and what student life is like? Then join a student for a day. You literally will follow a Mechanical Engineering student for a day. You go to class, join a lab and get a tour of the faculty. Afterwards you might even go to a student association. For more information and registration go to

Online try-out studying

Are you in the last year of high school and seriously thinking about studying Mechanical Engineering? Then you can follow mini classes from David Abbink in Statics, Dynamics and Thermodynamics and experience what it is like to study Mechanical Engineering.

The try-out program is three weeks long with approximately 2 hours of work per week. You can decide when to work on it yourself. You can get help and guidance from a student if you need any help. You can start the study try-out program a different times during the year. For more information and the next start date visit

Made your choice?

Are you going to study Mechanical Engineering? Congratulations! Now it is time to start organising everything starting with you registration. You have to register before May 1st. You can find more information about registering at To have a great start of your study you can you the freshman weekend and the introduction week (Owee). You will get to know your fellow students, the city of Delft and student life. More information about this will be sent to you after you have registered.