Master associations

Almost every Master and/or Track has his own association. The associations organise events specific for the students of their expertise. In the table below an overview of the associations is given.

Master Track Dispute
Biomedical Engineering N.A. Antoni van Leewenhoek
Mechanical Engineering Biomechanical Design Antoni van Leewenhoek
Mechanical Engineering High-Tech Engineering and Energy Taylor
Mechanical Engineering Multi-Machine Engineering Transportkunde Pandora
Mechanical Engineering Energy, Flow & Process Technology Dispuut Prescott Joule
Mechanical Engineering Vehicle Engineering Student Association Vehicle Engineering (SAVE)
Materials Science Engineering N.A. Tubalkain
Systems & Control N.A. Delft Student Association Rudolf Kalman
Marine Technology N.A. N.A.
Offshore and Dredging Engineering N.A. Dispuut Offshore Technology (DOT)
Technical Medicine N.A. N.A.