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  • 31 January 2018

    News January 31th

    Gezelschap leegfhwater on Whatsapp! 
    You can alway walk in with your questions, problems and comnplaints. Next to that you can email them or use the website. However, from now on it is much easier. You can just send an whatsapp message! Super fast and easy. Any complaints about lectures, lecturers or exams? Just send us a message and we will respond immediatly. Send all your questions and comnplaints from now to +3115-2786501! 

  • 26 October 2017

    News october 26th

    A new elephant just joined our herd. It is Lotte the mascot. From now on she will attend most activities, making the association even more visible and recognizable then before. Also she will add a little bit of extra festivity to our lustrum. 

  • 11 October 2017

    News october 11th

    New Board
    The new board is sitting for over a month now. Everybody is getting used to their tasks and taking on some extra projects. Because this year is a very special year, namely the 150th aniversary we have an eighth boardmember. This is the Lustrum Commissioner, he is responsible for all activities organised because of the lustrum. There will be an exhibition in the foyer of our faculty, a week with lots of speical activities around the dies natalis, a gala and lots more. 
    Do you want to know more about the new board? You can read all about us here

    Leeghwater Techniek Festival 
    We started all lustrum activities october 28th with the Leeghwater Techniek Festival. A lot of interesting companies showed the visitors what they do. Also a lot of the TU Delft Dreamteams where present. You could see some very special old timers and an old, little steam train. Furthermore our sponsors made some cool activities possible. For example Huisman brought a crane in wich they hoisted the visitors up untill 40 meters. The view over the campus and Delft was stunning. Exxon Mobil brought a Formula one simulator. At the end of the day the DJ played some nice tunes while the visitors coukd enjoy a drink.  

  • 29 February 2016


    Welcome to our English version of the website. Here you will find all the information you need about Gezelschap Leeghwater.


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